Design and construction of individual pyramids, pyramid complexes for cities and cottage settlements. Creation of energy systems for apartments, cottages, office buildings, spas and health centers.
Principle of "Anthropo-similarity" in planning and development
We accept orders for planning and development of objects using the principle of Anthropo-similarity, sacred and dynamic geometry, Vastu as well as the ancient Egyptian Canon. This approach allows for a creation of objects that fundamentally differ from the objects of the conventional contemporary method of construction, thanks to their energy-enhancing and health improving properties.

Any building constructed within the framework of this concept becomes a place, where internal biological time is preserved, aging processes, the course of degenerative and autoimmune processes in the organism are slowed down.

The use of ancient technologies that are becoming a new, modern and very popular trend in the planning and construction of health, educational and residential complexes allows to solve a whole range of previously unresolved problems.

Adults as well as children cease to fall ill and become more and more active and creative.

More about the properties of pyramids and specially arranged energetic structures can be found in the books "Pyramids. Legacy of the Gods" of 2013 as well as "Wands of Horus", edition 2004 by Valery Uvarov.
Projects of pyramids and energetic structures
We do what others do not do – we design and build pyramids, swimming pools, spas, as well as residential and recreational complexes in full accordance with the principles and technologies used in ancient times for the construction of temples and pyramids.
Valery Uvarov
Paleo technologist. Projects ideologist
Architectural support
Member of the Russian Geographical Society.
Author of numerous publications on ufology, Egyptology and esoterica in Russian and Western mass media.
Initiator and participant of a number of expeditions to India, Egypt, Mexico, Cambodia, Indonesia, China and other countries in search of traces of ancient knowledge.
Regular participant of international conferences, lectures and seminars in America, Britain, Germany, Finland, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Sweden, Brazil and Japan.

Author of the books:

"Wands of Horus" 1995,
"Cylinders of the pharaoh" 1997,
"Wands of Horus" 1999,
"Wands of Horus" 2000,
"Wands of Horus" 2004,
"Mysterious properties of pyramids" 2006,
"Pyramids" 2007,
"Pyramids" 2008,
"Pyramids.Legacy of the Gods" 2013
Pyramids. Legacy of the gods" 2017 (English)

Photo gallery
Everything I do, like my friends are doing this, is a contribution to the development and transformation of awareness and consciousness — it is our contribution to the spiritual rebirth of civilization.

Paying tribute to the great initiates who in ancient times strove to unite countries, bringing people knowledge of their "divine origins" , we are seeking to play our part in the revival of the knowledge that can help unite the World.
Sam Osmanagich, Klaus Dona, Michael Tellinger and Valery Uvarov
in Visoko , Bosnia with the pyramid of the Sun in the background
Valery Uvarov and Robert Bauval
at the Egyptian museum in Cairo
Valery Uvarov and Sergey Revin (Russian astronaut)
Conference in Bratislava, Slovakia, 2017.
Valery Uvarov and Graham Hancock
in Ajanta, India
Valery Uvarov and Axel Klitzke
Seminar in Würzburg, Germany
Sam Osmanagich, Konstantine Korotkov, Valery Uvarov
in Saint-Petersburg
Valery Uvarov and Jan van Helsing
Conference in Saarbrücken, Germany
Valery Uvarov and Alexandr Il'ichev (Traveler), Ufa,Russia.
Musa Manarov, Gennadiy Strekalov (Russian astronauts) and Valery Uvarov
Valery Uvarov and Michael Cremo
UBUNTU Festival, Nelspruit, South Africa
Kailash Kokopelli and Valery Uvarov
UBUNTU Festival, Nelspruit, South Africa
Robert Salas and Valery Uvarov
UBUNTU Festival, Nelspruit, South Africa
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If you decide to build a pyramid or an office in the shape of a pyramid, here you are on the right track. Write or call, and together we will create something truly remarkable, something that will surely change the quality of your life for the better.
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