Although many books have been written about the properties of pyramids, they have not yet become an indispensable part of our lives. One of the reasons for this is that people have still not realized what they are and why after all they were built. Many opinions and suggestions have been put forward, but no definite, convincing version of their true purpose has yet been heard.

Lost in the discordance of hypotheses is the main motivation, which embodied such a strong incentive for our ancestors, that it compelled them to accomplish an unprecedented feat – to build pyramids, which today no country on itself is able to reproduce, not even the most advanced and richest one, unless the whole world would collaborate. But this would require a very compelling motivation.

What was the ancients' incentive? What was the stimulus capable of making people accomplish the impossible?

Who knows – perhaps something will stir in us too, and having grasped our ancestors' motives, we will feel an earnest desire to unite on the basis of those same ideas. It would, after all, be nice to think that we are no worse than those who came before us and capable of great and lofty deeds…

There were at least 9 stimuli that persuaded our ancestors to start building pyramids all over the world…

Let's have a look on few of them...
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