Energy systems for offices and salesrooms strengthening the immune system, slowing down aging processes, stimulating creativity and increasing efficiency


Energy systems for offices and salesrooms strengthening the immune system, slowing down aging processes, stimulating creativity and increasing efficiency
For the first time in the world, an Austrian car dealership has decided to bring to use pyramids in its entire distribution network in order to improve their showrooms energetically.

Guided by the desire to create the most favourable energy environment for both their customers as well as their staff the management of the Opel and Hyundai dealership has chosen to employ technologies borrowed from the ancients.

More than 20 years of research conducted on the basis of the Russian Academy of Sciences has shown that the pyramid-generated energy environment reduces the negative effects of stress, strengthens the immune system, significantly reduces the risk of cancer and has a beneficial effect in problems of the gastrointestinal tract as well as in hepatitis.

In addition, the pyramid energy helps to slow down ageing as well as degenerative and autoimmune processes in the organism. But all of these extremely important properties of pyramids are not the main thing.

Pyramid development and design by Valery Uvarov

Pyramid development and design by Valery Uvarov
Essential is that the pyramid-generated energy boosts the energy of the human being, making one less susceptible to disease as well as increasing one's efficiency and creativity. For a good and successful business this is of great importance.
In addition, the showrooms become an energetically clean environment in which both customers and staff will find themselves in an energy flow that contributes to the improvement of their well-being. This provides a whole new level of service and care for people.
Today it can be said with full confidence that the Austrian dealer network of Auto Ebner has become and forever will be the pioneer of the new trend in car sales!
To guarantee that all showrooms of the dealership are working as one single energy center, a few dozen pyramids with identical parameters were manufactured. This ensures that the pyramids interact with each other energetically regardless of the distance between them. Thus, mutually amplifying each other, the pyramids form an energy environment that has a profound beneficial effect on the organism of the customers as well as the entire staff of the dealership, opening up their creative potential improving the company's overall performance.
Customers of the Opel and Hyundai dealership have come to appreciate that the atmosphere of friendliness and natural amiability of the staff is accompanied by an improvement in their overall physical well-being as a natural increase in quality of service.

Customers notice that in the Opel and Hyundai showrooms negative factors of the city environment are neutralized.

People are always eager to return to where they were well, bringing family members and friends! Visits to the showrooms have noticeably increased.

Details about the properties of pyramids can be found in the book
"Pyramids. Legacy of the Gods" by Valery Uvarov.
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