by Valery Uvarov
The head of the article: NEW STUDY FAILS TO EXPLAIN WHAT CAUSED A BLAST EQUAL TO 185 HIROSHIMA BOMBS – clearly shows that up till today modern science still not ready to except reality of ancient wisdom. Wisdom, which thousands of years ago created installation, protecting planet Earth against meteorites and asteroids. First of all, those ones, which carries dangerous bacteria.
Apotheosis of scientific thought was the conclusion, made by scientists more than 10 years ago on one of the scientific conferences devoted to the mysteries of the Tunguska explosion. Being unable to explain the phenomenon of Tunguska explosion from the standpoint of modern science, scientists put forward idea that there was no Tunguska explosion at all!

Great idea! That was clear message that all people around the world have to correct their schedule of events and take Tunguska case out of it forever and forget! No case, no problem…

Naturally, another question arises - what it was, if not the explosion?

If scientists do not want or unable to explain what stood behind Tunguska explosion, then we have to do it ourselves. Let's have a look on the Tunguska case by our own eyes, but before it I'd like to quote a massage and idea, once received during direct contact and conversation between microbiologist Suraya Gainulina (Russia) and representative of highly developed extraterrestrial civilization.

During that conversation, Suraya and the "guest" came up to the talk about Earthly love.

«He couldn't understand what Earthly love is. He understood what is family, they have no families. There is Love and children. There are no states. He said that the state system, like a primitive system, is wildness.
The "guest" didn't consider the act of procreation of a new organism as love. This is a deed he said. Their understanding of Love is quite different. "LOVE IS AN EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE. ONLY THOSE WHO REALLY LOVE, SPREAD THE LIGHT OF KNOWLEDGE TO HELP THOSE AROUND THEM SO THAT THEY WILL NOT LIVE IN THE SHADOW OF DARKNESS AND EVIL».

This is the reason why I'd like to share some knowledge about Tunguska case with all of you.

Let's start from the beginning and go on along this story step by step.
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