In the next construction phase the erection of the eight pyramids of the first and second energetic rings began. Partly, this configuration reminds of the Atlantean pyramid infrastructure described by Plato.
The pyramid of Atlantis
But the pyramid described by Plato stood alone, surrounded by canals that flowed directly into the waters of the ocean. The configuration of the pyramid complex in Siberia is conceived as a fundamental structure which is an energetic projection of the Kala-chakra. In essence, it will be a giant resonator, whose structure is attuned to and synchronized with the energy structure of the Earth and the Cosmos.

Due to the fact, that a suchlike layout is a projection as well as a model of certain energy processes, taking place on both macro and micro level of the world, this is found in and used by all developed civilizations throughout the Universe. Thus, we are creating a system that is synchronized with similar systems in the cosmos, so that on Earth in the center of Russia, will appear a real center capable of interplanetary and intergalactic communication.
After land surveying and conducting the corresponding geodetic works, the supply of white quartz sand to the construction sites started.
At the same time the excavation of the foundation pits for the future pyramids began.
In order to meet the schedule, the work on all pyramids was practically carried out simultaneously. The experience from working on the central pyramid allowed to foresee all details, so that the work on leveling the floor of the foundation pits as well as the preparation for the manufacture of the floor slabs went smooth and flawlessly without mistakes.
The foundation slab of all pyramids has an octagonal configuration.
Panoramic shots of the construction site.
Then metal frames were delivered to the construction site, with which the metal formwork for the future pyramids was assembled and a continuous pour with white quartz sand based concrete began.
All pyramids of the complex have a strict orientation to the magnetic poles and are aligned with each other.
While the pyramid pour was ongoing in Siberia the first frosts set in.
Removal of the metal formwork from the last corner pyramid.
After that, the complex went into hibernation. The work inside of the pyramids continued throughout the winter.
Panoramic shots of the complex in the first days of winter.
Details about the ideas and principles embodied in the world's first pyramid complex in Tomsk can be found in the book "Pyramids. Legacy of the gods" by Valery Uvarov.
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