In spring 2012, right after the snow had melted, a wooden construction was installed around the pyramid to perform work on adjusting and polishing the faces of the pyramid.
Winters in central Siberia are severe, so it was necessary to approach the smoothing and surface treatment with particular care. Where needed, microcracks were sealed with special compounds after which a special frost-resistant plaster was applied, preparing the surfaces for painting.
Taking into account all the delights of the Siberian seasons, the compound for painting the pyramid was also developed specifically for our project. This composition must withstand the temperatures of the hot summer, calmly endure the rainy autumn and withstand the sudden onset of severe frosts without damage.

The white spot at the bottom of the pyramid was the first sample of the received mixture. It was applied and let to be dried to assess the quality of this coating. The commission signed the acceptance certificate and the manufacturer began producing this special mixture for painting the pyramid.
At the same time inside the pyramid, the floor of the oracle chamber was tiled black and its walls were painted. According to the project the colour of the walls as well as of the chamber itself will be red and this is not by chance.
Not only Mayan and Aztec pyramids, but long before them temple complexes and even dwellings were painted red. Here is why:

1. The wavelength of red light (colour) is the largest, so it has maximum effect. This exciting, warming, active and energetic colour, penetrates and activates all functions of the organism, stimulates nerve centers, energizes muscles and liver.

2. Our ancestors used it for the treatment of chicken pox, colds, pneumonia, asthma, etc., as well as some skin diseases.

For a short time, red colour increases muscle tension (acts like a dope), raises blood pressure and accelerates the breathing rhythm. During meditation, it is possible to recharge oneself, using the energy of red.

Red is not recommended in case of strong inflammatory processes, since it will be activating these processes even more.
The pyramid interior (floors, walls and ceilings), including the central chambers as well as the resonator chambers received a white colour.
Orbs photographed on the second energetic level of the pyramid.
At the same time, the finishing and preparation of the outer surfaces of the pyramid was completed and the surfaces were painted white.
The pyramid was covered in several layers with the help of special paint sprayers.
As soon as the surface of the pyramid had dried, it became a place of pilgrimage of local swallows. Nobody expected nor could have imagined that these birds would come to the pyramid twice a day - at 8.30 am and at 20.30 in the evening.

Arriving at the pyramid, they began to circle it, the bulk of them flying clockwise. Some of them behaved quite unexpectedly: they would turn on their backs and slide down along the faces of the pyramid on their backs, spreading their wings wide apart.

The moment when someone tried to approach the pyramid to have a closer look at this birds' fun, the swallows unanimously attacked this uninvited guest.
The video was taken in the evening by someone who just happened to arrive there after the main part of the swallow flock had separated.
Then a large quartz pyramidion of almost 80 kg in weight was installed on top of the pyramid.
The pyramidion plays a crucial role as the bifurcation point or simply as the point of transition for energies from the energetical to our physical plane.

All smooth-walled pyramids of ancient times had pyramidions – accordingly, building a high-quality instrument (pyramid) we had a large pyramidion manufactured for it, which subsequently was installed on top of the pyramid.
In September 2012, a small batch of inexpensive French wine was purchased and stored for exposure in the pyramid for several weeks.

Then a group of experts and tasters from France, representatives of the very enterprise that produced this wine was invited to Tomsk.

Without further explanation from our side, they were asked to assess the condition and quality of the wine with the means at their disposal.

The experts were utterly surprised and even taken aback by the character of this wine, as they did not expect such taste qualities from the well-known to them inexpensive beverage.

We were amazed at how these experts then tried to find out where we took this wine from and what we did with it. But we have kept the secret to this day.
This is how Russia's pyramid looks like in winter. Inside the pyramid, the average temperature is about +20 degrees Celsius.
Details about the ideas and principles embodied in the world's first pyramid complex in Tomsk can be found in the book "Pyramids. Legacy of the gods" by Valery Uvarov.
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