The following fourth construction phase began with moving the metal formwork from the lower to the next level.

Using this type of formwork is practical in that it can be used over and over again constructing similar pyramids with high surface quality, which in principle allows for the creation of a whole network of pyramids with the same parameters. What is the benefit?

First of all, pyramids cast by the same type of metal formwork will enable the creation of a multitude of pyramids that are in resonance with each other. Such pyramids, amplifying each other will form a powerful energy-generating and energy-transfer network. Some of the ancient pyramid complexes worked exactly on this principle.
Using such formwork ensures that the pyramid surfaces will be smooth and compact, eliminating the need for additional perfection. The main requirement – precision – will always be the highest!
At the same time the manufacture and mounting of the formwork for the internal pyramid shaped resonator chambers of the second level began. This second level likewise will have 8 chambers.
The formwork for this level requires considerably more attention as this will affect the precision of an entire system of special integrated chambers and cavities inside.
Next, on the ground began the assembly of the formwork for the uppermost – the 25th chamber. This resonator chamber is intended for deep meditation practices.
Completed, this wooden pyramid will be lifted by crane and put in its place.
The moment of installation of the wooden pyramid in the place where the 25th chamber will be located. By that time in Tomsk the strong Siberian frosts set in.
Final phase of formwork installation after which the concrete pour will start.
At the same time the smoothing of the interior of the pyramid was carried out as well as the finishing of the walls and removal of the construction debris.
Mounting of a wooden staircase leading to the second level of the pyramid.
Then equipment was set up inside for drying the walls.
Chamber where the central focal zone of the pyramid (third energy level) is located – in this zone the pyramid has an influence on the flow rate of inner biological time, stabilizing it, slowing down autoimmune processes as well as the course of diseases and negative processes in the organism. To a certain extent, this is the chamber of longevity.
Stairs leading to the 25th resonator chamber as well as to the area, where the integrated water reservoirs are located on this energetic level of the pyramid.
Through the top of the ceiling of this chamber goes a tapering channel for concentrating the downward energy flow, running through the entire pyramid from top to bottom and back. Such a channel enables a stable, non-scattering energy column to form.
Intermediate internal areas of the pyramid.
At the very top in the depiction is the entrance to the 25th resonator chamber. To the side are entrances to the third-level resonator chambers.
Area that later will hold water.
Painting of the walls and levelling out the floor of the 12-sided resonator on which the pyramid stands.
Pouring of a special floor leveling compound.
Bronze bell for mounting in the pyramid, cast and blessed in the Yaroslavl diocese.
Lifting and mounting the bell on to a specially installed beam. The weight of the bell is 450 kg.
Preparation of mirrored cavities for the installation of energy sources.
This is how the pyramid looked like after the formwork was removed. In spring perfecting and polishing of the faces will begin.
Placement of special shelving on which afterwards different foods and water will be placed for subsequent exposure.

Long-term studies have shown that water and water-containing products that have been exposed in a pyramid acquire a pronounced immune-modulating effect!

The total storage area for exposure will be 1200 m².
Oracle chamber – its walls are smoothed and painted red according to ancient formula. In the next step, the floor will be laid out with black ceramic-granite tiles.
Then the floors of all resonator chambers were tiled with either white or black granite, depending on the task for which the pyramid and its respective resonator chambers are built.
Details about the ideas and principles embodied in the world's first pyramid complex in Tomsk can be found in the book "Pyramids. Legacy of the gods" by Valery Uvarov.
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