According to the project, the future pyramid will have:
Vertical section of the central pyramid of the complex
Vertical section of the central pyramid of the complex
The planning and development of the pyramid complex near Tomsk is based on the experience acquired during the construction of the experimental pyramid near Priozersk.

The first stage of the implementation of the work organization plan comprised the selection of the specialists that are hands on involved in building the structures.

The labor agreements include some unusual paragraphs for conventional construction projects, implemented to create on the construction site a special atmosphere to keep the workers in a high spiritual, creative and energetic state.

  1. Smoking, alcoholic beverages and obscene language are prohibited on the construction site.
  2. Alcohol and drinking sessions after work are not acceptable. A worker who comes to the construction site must have had enough sleep and be well rested.
Violation of one of these paragraphs will entail the immediate removal of the worker from the construction site with subsequent dismissal.

3. During the construction phase, on-site spiritual music is heard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: mantras, prayers and all sorts of spiritual hymns of various cults and peoples.

To this end in four places around the construction site speakers were installed (circled in in the pictures), which played around the clock.
After the ceiling slab had hardened, metal formwork for the walls of the central chamber of the future pyramid was mounted.
Then the assembling of the formwork for the pyramid shaped internal resonator chambers was started. The first energetic level of the pyramid will have 8 resonator chambers.
Next workers proceeded to mount the reinforcement for the walls of the pyramid and resonator chambers of the first energetic level.
Placing of the external metal formwork and anchoring it to the internal formwork for the pyramid and its resonator chambers.
Placing of the formwork for the passages between the pyramid shaped chamber resonators of the first energetic level of the pyramid.
Pouring of the first level of the pyramid, simultaneously creating the chamber resonators, including the passages between them as well as the air shaft system for ventilation and dry keeping of the pyramid.
Details about the ideas and principles embodied in the world's first pyramid complex in Tomsk can be found in the book "Pyramids. Legacy of the gods" by Valery Uvarov.
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