Riddle of the Skies
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Riddle of the Skies

Discovery SCIENCE

Riddle of the Skies – Episode 3

Sensational finds in Siberia. At least 100,000-year-old spiral-like artefacts from the Ural Mountains.

with Valery Uvarov

"Riddle of the Skies" Episode 3

"Wands of RA" by "MAAT Foundation" and "Egyptian Rods" are energetically harmful

Everything that made Egypt great was once received from the hands of the gods (the Neferu). The importance of the knowledge received from the Neferu, permeating every aspect of life, was so great that all subsequent civilizations and generations recognized and acknowledged the validity only of what had its origin with the Neferu (was given by them), what was explained by or connected with the "First Time", the time of the Neferu.
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