Valery Uvarov about interview with General Alexey Savin

Valery Uvarov about interview with General Alexey Savin

Email from Zora Novak:
Dear Valery if you have time plz only little comment. I have heard about General Alexey Savin who is talking about aliens and their contacts with us. My Yugo friends reported that spiritual teacher Lazarev (Russia) placed Savin's videos on his website and it seems he said that Aliens messaged if we will not be better in behavior they will destroy us (this is Lazarev's 'truth'). I believe to you who said that they don't want to interfere... and searching little I found also:

Professor of Russian Academy of Natural Science Alexey Savin "Alien civilizations are watching us and don't interfere – we are extremely primitive and wicked"


The answer of Valery Uvarov:
General AlexeySavin
Professor of Russian Academy of Natural Science, General Alexey Savin
Dear Zora,

I watched this video. As a whole, general Savin is right. Though, in how he sees the future and interprets cause-and-effect relationships I saw enough of misunderstandings. Details are very important, cause (as we say in Russia) "Devil is hidden in details". Evil will enter our lives if we misunderstand and react to future events incorrectly. Let's have close look at these "details" in order brought forward by general Savin:

The academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the International Academy of Sciences, the lieutenant general Alexey Savin tells that does not consider ET invasion to be real threat for mankind.

According to his opinion, the main danger to Earth dwellers is represented by man himself, who prefers technical way of development to spiritual one.

The invasion, as modern men understand it, certainly, will not happen. The reason for that is not ethic, but Cosmopolitan. For the sake of justice it is necessary to say that attempt of colonization of the Earth by civilizations of Mars (Nibiru) and Maldek (Tiamat) had been already undertaken 18.000 years ago. Recordings about it could be found in ancient texts and monuments of different Earth civilizations.

Before we, in most common form, look at the issue of "threats", let's make it clear regarding the term "Extraterrestrial". It is important to remove all that heaps of garbage and deposits, covering real history of those events, practically excluding any chance to understand what happened and why, who is right and who is guilty…

Considering the facts and evolutionary importance of external influences, it is reasonable to speak only of those "ET's", who had affected development of our civilization. Still without evaluation of the quality – was that effect positive or negative, let's define who was that and where from – outside or inside our Solar system.

Despite squall of false information carried from TV screens, I will repeat - the first (according to ancient texts) extraterrestrial "invasion", critically effected consciousness and fate of our civilization, took place about 18 thousand years ago. Those who came down were from Mars and Maldek (internal invasion).

Second «extraterrestrial invasion» (this time from outer space) was natural and adequate reaction for the aggression undertaken by those who inhabited Mars and Maldek. They started war against neighbours in our galaxy, continued for few thousand years. In ancient texts that war was called: "War of the gods" or "War of Suras and Asuras".

When this war was over by victory of outer space forces, the Curators (Orion civilization) arrived to our Solar system and from those days on, they are ruling here unseen, being responsible for all that is going on here.

For correct understanding of the "force alignments" and "rules of the game" in our Solar system, I would add that besides Orion's, there is another external civilization, which is controlling chrono fields (fields of time) on our segment of the galaxy. Will shortly explain, what is it.

All highly developed civilizations in Universe do not fly, as we do along straight line from the Earth to the Moon. What they do is kind of transition from one place to another through so-called «chrono corridors». Trip to most distant place of subspace of the Universe through «chrono corridor» takes no more than one minute! Any transition in cosmos from point "A" to point "B", also any energy-information influence from one civilization to another, any personal trip in astral body or energetic influence from one person to another - all is being realized through «chrono fields» (fields of time). Because of this reason special service controlling transitions through chrono corridors and fields of time (chrono fields) had been created long ago. In our understanding it is kind of galactic "traffic inspection" on chrono roads and, especially, on their crossings. Nobody and nothing, no one transition through «chrono corridors», whether it is UFO or any type of energy influence, remains without attention and is traced by this civilization. Orion's, as well as all other participants of chrono traffic, are subject to keep rules on chrono roads. This control service as perfect road policeman doesn't take bribes and is incorruptible. It is separate and independent civilization.

Considering it the voice of Alexey Savin sounds truthfully – any invasion is under control and in case of danger the chrono-corridor will be closed. Those travelling through them with negative purpose will miss the road or come to nowhere. Any unapproved attempt to break through space-and-time membrane will be reflected. We surely are being helped for we are not be able to resist against any outer space invasion with present level of technology and development.

Considering that influence from Mars and Maldek civilizations on our conscience (from point of view of cosmic ethics) had negative impact which caused curtain deformation of our view on ethics and morals, strict measures of restrictions have been applied to our civilization. As one extraterrestrial "guest" explained, speaking with bio-physician Syraya Gainylina on 2, October 1977:

"You have a lot of dark, animal origins. You yourself must get out of your excrements". Then he said that such a place of entanglements they have not yet seen in the Universe. Then he added that if science will want to, can understand and learn a lot in the system of intercosmic communications, but at the present time, since we are so aggressive, it is impossible".

Voice of general Savin sounds in tune again. Thousands of years ago we had been intentionally limited in possibilities. Now we are dangerous only for ourselves and we can kill each other as much as we want. All will be recorded in cosmic registration book. But if by stupidity we decide to make something, capable to harm the Earth or the parallel civilization living on the Earth – we will not be allowed to make it and on a course we'll get tail suppressed…

While we are dangerous to ourselves, "extraterrestrials" will not interfere our «excrement-boiling» process, leaving right of choice of "seasonings" to the given dish to people…

Now some words about the way of development of our civilization.

All people, talking about technological way of development as the main mistake of our civilization, don't realize that all is going on this way in purpose. Within nearest 40-50 years due to the changes in cyclic processes, most part of energetic sources of the Earth will be "drained". Definite part of these devices was produced to support activity of the "Installation" built thousands of years ago to protect Earth from meteors and asteroids.

Not all meteors are reflected or destroyed by this "Installation" – at first those ones carrying bacterias, dangerous for life on Earth. This "Installation" has destroyed meteor, flying over Chelyabinsk and Tunguska. This "Installation" had destroyed Sikhote-Alin, Chulym, Vitim and other meteors. Sikhote-Alin meteor was iron one and didn't carry any dangerous bacteria. It was destroyed because in case of fall it would destroy one of the radars of system watching meteors and aiming (prompting) "terminators" that demolish meteors. One of such radars was described in 5th issue of Nexus magazine in material titled "Mystery of lunar shaft".

In 40-50, when the "Installation" will get out of order (sometimes it makes blank shots even now) planet Earth will remain face-to-face with space danger. This deadly threat can be reflected only by technical means. Collective meditations or prays will not help in this situation!

That's why Curators started to stimulate technogenic path of development of our civilization so that in the nearest near future our civilization could be able to reflect approaching deadly danger. Nobody from outer space will be helping us. If they would decide to appear now, most at once will shout about "extraterrestrial invasion" and terrible-looking aliens. Somebody even will start shooting at them!

Nobody denies importance of a spiritual path of development, which is key factor, however everything should be in harmony. When much of one is not enough of another. We are constantly talking about harmony, but are not consecutive in everything, telling one and doing another. At the given stage of development it is necessary to concentrate efforts on preparation of technical equipment to reflect future asteroid attack, which will for sure occur in 5-6 generations! It is short time left to get ready.

Further Alexey Savin speaks:

«I think if civilization came outside the planet and even Solar System it has high moral power and can interact with other civilizations. There exists both the common morals and common agreements and, of course, no wars. This is prosperous civilization from our point of view, which has solved problems with economy and morals of society. They have forgotten the wars for long ago, or maybe there were no wars at all.

If to speak about present condition of a society and if to speak about relations of our society with those whom we call alien civilizations we find that the most powerful threat is coming from ourselves, not form extraterrestrial civilizations. It is due to lack of morals of our society and absence of serious system of culture which could be given to men from childhood and education» .

For the sake of justice it is necessary to tell that it was middle of last century when we came outside the borders of our planet, but it didn't make us more moral or spiritual! The fact of contact to advanced civilization by itself also does not spiritualize. We had already been in contact ten and a half thousand years ago, and got what we can't get rid of for last 15.000 years! Civilization of the Earth "had been locked" and limited in possibility to contact any extraterrestrial civilization, because the initial level of morality and ethic is absent - it is not present at all. Moreover, all last decades most advanced part of mankind, «mind, honor and conscience of our civilization» (it is about science) denies existence of extra-terrestrial civilizations at all. And only few hardly-heard voices of scientists leaving on the basis "the work is feeding us, but the truth is more valuable", those people whose conscience doesn't allow to sleep well are heard… and immediately they got damned and anathematized.

All highly developed civilizations have solved problems of economy and have stepped on high level of space morals. Here Alexey Savin is right. But their way of evolution had never been straight and cloudless. Practically, all advanced civilizations have passed the way of «toils and errors», learned lessons and understood the difference between light and evil, consciously chosen the way of cosmic mind.

We, earthlings, being "highly spiritual" and declaring our right for free will and choice, confidently go exactly in opposite direction, straight into a pit, down to its most bottom, and then «through thorns to stars». Nobody will stop us on this way – as usually told «for your money any whim is welcome…» (you pay – you get).

It is necessary to stress that high level of development do not defend from wars. When extraterrestrials had to resist aggression from Mars and Maldek, that was not flowers they used to reflect aggression, shouting: «leave us villains, go home…» That was 15.000 years ago and now conflicts in cosmos are taking place too.

In 1947 the civilization watching chrono fields, has reflected attempt of one "dark" civilizations, based in nearest galaxy, trying to break into our dimension. Bermuda triangle, most powerful chrono corridor of the Earth, had been chosen as the zone for transition into our dimension. At the moment of transition there was a passenger plane flying right there with 27 passengers and crew. Among passengers there were two kids, a boy and a girl of 11 months old. The plane crashed, but that girl has been rescued - she was taken away. Now she is 67 years old, looks like 19 years old girl, very beautiful. Her present name is Ellaha and she works in that "Chrono fields control service", watching interdimentional transitions, using fields of time.

Around 15 years ago I have requested CIA for information about that flight through Tony Dodd (England). The flight was proved. From the list of passengers I have also learned that name of that girl was Elizabeth Nable. It is surprising that her relatives do not even suspect that Elizabeth remained alive and lives on other planet.

Resume from all above is simple – "it's not that calm and peaceful in cosmos…".

ET's have to solve not only theirs own problems, but ours as well. However, earthlings know nothing about it. In response for one-side love earthlings using every chance produce new films, where aliens are looking like blood sucking monsters. That's the way we say "thank you"… according to the level of our morality…

Alexey Savin goes on:
Certainly, we are very young, we are developing civilization – according to space values. I think they are watching us and do not interfere, they are mostly interested in their own development – that's why they don't interfere. The interference is possible when some critical things are happening on Earth. Nowadays, in generally humans cope with global accidents. The major catastrophe is in our heads. It may be called apocalypse, when technical way of development runs before spiritual. Not enough humanitarian approach is taught in schools and in institutes…
We are watched, because we don't realize what we are doing. Mankind is so young that simply unable to cope any global disasters itself. If we wouldn't be helped, humanity would demolish itself long ago or other problems of cosmic range would put an end to mankind existence. That's why humanity is being helped invisibly – to keep up self-evaluation. Let's remember about meteors, carrying dangerous bacteria. If they wouldn't be destructed for us we would mutate long time ago in 'aliens" shown in "Man in Black" film… People has no even idea from what problems and how many times human race was saved and by whom.

Remember Azore's asteroid impact 13665 years ago that caused Earth to move away from its orbit. Later on invisible forces had to reconstruct Solar system, ended by appearance of Venus in 3113 BC. No one ancient astronomic text older than 4000 years contain information about Venus – it was not there where it is now. This invisible cosmic "emergency service" drew huge piece of Maldek from asteroid belt (later that piece was called the Moon), increased Earth mass and stopped planet where it is now. That's why climate drastically changed with catastrophic and long-lasting consequences. The face of Earth was changed, millions of animals and humans perished.
Major threats are climate change that's being ongoing process, like exponent, ice melting in Greenland, Antarctic ice melting. First crab colonies appeared in Antarctic, over million of crabs, that is indicating radical climate warming that will cause redistribution of pressure upon a ground, on a bottom of the World ocean. Hence, tectonic layers which are moving can get additional impulse. We can only suggest what kind of impulse it would be.
I'd say it could be in form of tsunami, or volcanic activity or an earthquake…

Climate changes will be having two reasons - natural and artificial. The natural factors would be connected with characteristics of energy fields along trajectory the Earth's and the Solar system will be flying. The anomalies of that fields will be effecting energy system the Sun calling its reactions and its powerful magnet storms will be affecting the Earth. Artificial reason would be laid upon the factors mentioned above.

For reasons totally disconnected with nature, immediately after American troops will leave Iraq the country will be riven by terrible earthquakes that will also affect its neighbours – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and others. Quakes with epicentres in the Indian Ocean will cause tsunamis, floods and destruction in countries around the whole region. The overall effect of seismic upheavals on the Middle East, northern India and Nepal on the one hand, and the shores of Indonesia and Malaysia on the other will have an extremely negative influence on the Earth's surface in the area of Bangladesh. Gradually the waters of the Indian Ocean will begin to swallow that country. Its relief and shape on the map will slowly change. Thailand too will be heavily affected. See this -
Second threat is drinking water shortage. It's already started in the world, the water is really expensive if imported and I believe the fight for springs already began and would go on.

Third threat is meteors danger. I think after last accidents the scientists and governors of various countries would gather at "the round table" to develop a suitable solution.

Here general Savin is absolutely right - the Earth destiny in 5-6 generations would be totally dependable on our possibilities to reflect asteroid. And if we wouldn't be able to do that asteroid will fall. All would depend on the power of impact. It's clear the future isn't that sunny and we have very short time to get prepared. It's right time to make choise what to do – to carry on wars, struggles, political games, and keep on stealing money, being watched by galactic community instead of investing them in protection of our future…
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