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Most of these future scenarios depict a series of catastrophic events of global proportions in which a considerable part of humanity helplessly awaits "the end". But the "end of the world" and the demise of most of the world's population is not imminent, although humanity will be facing tough trials.

The development of future events is closely related to processes taking place on the Sun, the active phase of which has not yet begun. All of this will be happening very suddenly. It will seem as if the sun "explodes", an unprecedented level of activity, caused by a process (at the atomic level) scientists thus far have not encountered.

Particles circling the nuclei of the solar substance atoms for unknown reasons will suddenly begin to shoot from their orbits. In the timeframe from December 16th to December 28th (the winter solstice phase), the planet's core will begin to radiate a flow of energies that, superimposing on the solar radiation, will stimulate a chain of processes in the Earth's bio- and geosphere.

Some time later, after a series of super-powerful solar flares, our planet will experience solar and magnetic storms of unprecedented magnitude, entailing climatic and weather anomalies, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, diseases and local conflicts.

The map depicts in general outline the belts of high and relatively high instability on the Earth's surface for a period of several decades from 2013 onwards.

Even though future events do not promise anything good for humanity, the future of civilization is not as hopeless as it follows from various kinds of prophecies. People inhabiting the planet Earth have a possibility to practically influence the future, the severity of future events, by taking certain actions instead of remaining in passive expectation.

In ancient times, technology for such influence was known and effectively used until a time when the impact of a giant asteroid destroyed that instrument of influence. This ancient technology is interesting and helpful in that it can mitigate the impact and consequences of impending disasters. To implement this technology, a number of practical steps have to be taken to create an instrument of influence. The essence of this influencing mechanism on future events is as follows: – Let's start with the premises.

Unprecedented power of solar and magnetic storms will cause a sharp surge in the intensity of the Earth's magnetic field as well as an increase of tensions in the energy system of the planet (the conductivity of its energy channels).

The Earth is a living cosmic organism, very sensitive to the influence of external factors. However, by the end of the first decade of the new millennium, this organism has fallen seriously "ill" due to humanity's unethical industrial and economic activity.

When the Earth's organism starts its self-healing and self-purification processes, earthquakes and weather anomalies occur, which are part of the mechanism of the planet's immune system. This will be superimposed by cosmic influences.

Let us now turn to the wisdom of the ancients, using a certain analogy. This will help to grasp the logic of the ancient understanding and get sight of a way to solve our problem…

When a human being falls seriously ill, the body temperature rises, and the general condition worsens. The organism gets in a state of stress. Zones of excess energetic appear in the energy system.

Any external influence causes pain reactions, trembling, throbbing and even convulsions… When exposed to negative factors (such as solar or magnetic storms), the increasing intensity of the Earth's eleсtromagnetic field causes corresponding immune reactions: a worsening of the physical condition and even agony.

In the East, in such cases, the disease has traditionally been encountered by inserting needles on specific acupuncture points of the body, which, like a lightning rod, allow the excess energy to be removed from certain areas, after which the disease disappears and the organism calms down.

Human being and Earth, according to the ancient wisdom, are constructed similarly. The human being has a physical body, as does the Earth. A human being has 7 energetical bodies and a system of energy channels and everything is arranged the same way regarding the Earth. The Earth also has acupuncture points on its surface. These are the so-called "places of power" connected with geo-faults (energy-conducting channels). However, in the case of the Earth's body pyramids should be used as "needles", the energy flow of which penetrates deep into the Earth's energy system and is able to influence its energy structure, relieving tension as well as local energy excess. This idea, in distant antediluvian times, was one of the main reasons for the construction of pyramid complexes encircling the Earth from east to west. Many of those pyramids have been destroyed.
Subsequent generations also built their pyramids (according to the ancient Canon) in specific places to influence the planet's energy system, thus mitigating the energetic tensions in the Earth's crust and minimizing potential natural and social cataclysms.

Note that all remaining pyramids and temples are located in the zone of maximum energetic and seismic intensity – the belt of high instability.

These still existing monuments of ancient wisdom clearly show and prompt what needs to be done to dampen future catastrophes and their consequences. In some rare cases, possible catastrophic events may not occur at all.
Being an energy lens and at the same time a resonator, a pyramid generates and, concentrating like a funnel, amplifies cosmic energies in a certain wave range. As a result, an energy column (energy flow) forms along its vertical axis.

Radar installations operating in the centimetre range, located 60, 32 and 30 kilometres from a 22-meter high pyramid constructed in the village of Khitino near Ostashkov in Russia were used to scan the area around the pyramid. This investigation revealed the presence of an energy formation – a column up to 1,200 meters high and 500 m in diameter centred on the vertical axis of the pyramid.
On rare occasions this energy column can be perceived with the naked eye. This photograph clearly shows a ray of energy above the Khitino pyramid in Russia. Although the sky was fully dark, the film recorded a glow running upwards from the pyramid.
A pyramid's energy flow (ray) is directed both up and down (BA-KA principle). This ray generated by the pyramid pulsates and reaches a height of 1,200 meters and even more, depending on the size of the pyramid. This same powerful energy beam runs from the pyramid downwards. Like an acupuncture needle it penetrates the Earth's crust, influencing the energy processes that take place there.
Therefore, to influence the energy processes in the Earth's crust and its energy system we need to begin building pyramids in particular places to alleviate future disasters in the areas where they will be most severe in the coming years.

There are places on Earth from which energy channels (geo-faults) extend as far as into neighbouring countries. The best thing would be to use places of power that have regional significance, because the construction of pyramids in northern Italy or southern Germany, for example, would diminish future catastrophes not only in those countries, but also in their European neighbours.

Thus: the instrument of influence on impending cataclysms are complexes of special pyramids, built according to a specific layout.
This will of course involve considerable financial investment. To economically justify the construction of such complexes and even make them profitable, the pyramid system should be surrounded by a hotel complex where people can come to with their families, in groups or individually as desired.

Project "Future of planet Earth" could become a turning point in the history of Earthly civilization. It will inspire great following across a whole range of fields: medicine, philosophy, art, business, sport, spiritual improvement and attract many tourists, placing it as a new centre of pilgrimage on the world map.
Today the world has nothing like the proposed hotel complexes. But considering humanity's tremendous interest in pyramids and the effect such have on the human being and the surrounding world, we can confidently predict that this kind of hotel complexes will be fully occupied all year round!
Pyramids unlike anything else are able to exert a positive influence on human health and immune system as well as stimulate spiritual development and transform the world around us. Years of study of ancient texts as well as scientific experiments to research the effect of the pyramid field on living and inanimate nature have led to a number of very important conclusions. Here are some of them:

Pyramids are:

- powerful cosmic antennas;
- a model in stone of the energy structure of Man and Universe, utilzing the latter's energy mechanism;
- a very powerful generator of cosmic energies operating on various planes.

Pyramid shaped energy structures, the location of which should be chosen depending on the energy qualities of the location, facilitate:

1... Tapping into natural flows of cosmic energy organising and stimulating evolutionary processes in the biosphere and in human consciousness.

2... Corrective synchronization of the human energy structure with the energy structure of the planet, stimulating the internal energy as well as the biophysical and physiological processes, which in turn enables an opening up and activation of the internal resources of the human psyche, along with an expansion of mental and psychic abilities. In the area surrounding the pyramids a harmonization will take place followed by a conservation of inner biological time resulting in a slowing down of aging processes.

3... Providing a positive stimulating influence on the immune and nervous systems, creating the prerequisites for their improvement.

4... An improvement of the energy-ecological environment of the human being by increasing and refining the energy of the surrounding space of the pyramid's location.

5… Reshaping the planet's energy structure in case of a worldwide spread of pyramid complexes (instruments of influence) within 10–15 years of their completion.

Pyramids have many beneficial properties that will play a special role in humanity's development, but essential for us is that they are capable of reducing the coming problems to a minimum, giving humanity a real chance of overcoming the impending trials, preserving the world for our children.

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