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For all who inhabit our universe, God remains invisible because no-one knows exactly what God is. In finding out about itself and the world around it, mankind inhabiting our universe will gradually come closer to solving the mystery. But everything is constructed in such a way that, as we approach the horizon, we will constantly see it moving further on. Therefore, the meaning of life will always be to seek knowledge of the Unknowable.

There are several points of view about the nature of God, the most predominant of which amounts to the following:

"A Being possessing both male and female aspects, a Being that managed to embody within itself all the laws of Time and Space and created myriads of its own "projections" following a single genetic code.

"All the 'projections' created (by God) do not embody within themselves the laws of time and space. In the process of the evolution of forms that unfolds in accordance with the Creator's genetic programme, 'projections' live in a particular time and place for a given length of time. "Each 'projection' (human being) carries within it several levels (energy bodies) and all those levels are directly connected to the Creator. We are HIS eyes, HIS cells. Through us the Creator observes the world, learning about HIM who is outside of Time and Space, without beginning or end…»

Having created our universe, the Creator thus entered the next stage of His evolutionary development. He will remain in this phase as long as is required to reach a higher stage of evolutionary development through self-knowledge and self-improvement. To make that transition the Creator will have to grasp, master and Himself embody laws of an even higher order. The mechanism of learning through self-knowledge and self-improvement operates according to the following pattern:

The Creator produces within Himself ("in his bosom") x number of His own "projections" that then begin to develop according to the programme programme envisaged by the Creator. Passing through various evolutionary stages in the course of numerous incarnations, each "projection" accumulates knowledge and experiences, while its energy potential grows. The Creator Himself, transferring His "projections" from one time to another (different historical ages) and from one space to another, observes the world through them, thus learning about the being in whose bosom He Himself is creating and developing.
When, following the long and thorny paths of evolution, the "projections" created by God reach the zenith of their development, the Creator's potential is accordingly increased by a factor of x, and He enters into a state anticipating the transition to the following level of His existence.

Forming the basic position of the world view, this knowledge given to humanity long ago was intended to make people understand that life given to a person by God is a priceless gift and the highest responsibility.

A person's consciousness becomes cosmic from the moment he or she realises that the Creator is perfecting Himself through his own creation. Accordingly, a person creates not only his or her own life, but also, to some degree, the future of the universe.

Cosmic ethics begin with an awareness that God is watching us through the people around us, irrespective of the colour of their skin or their religion. Therefore, before making any move or taking any decision that might affect someone's life, you should remember that through people God is watching you. In doing something for another person, you indirectly do it for the Creator.

When speaking of the meaning of life, bear in mind that through the works of human beings, through the development of the individual and collective consciousness the Creator is perfecting Himself. Therefore, the meaning of life lies in acquiring knowledge, acquiring self-knowledge and improving oneself to the benefit of humanity, which means to the benefit of the Creator.

In addressing God, a person addresses that which created the person and the universe with everything that inhabits it. God created all human beings «in his image and likeness». Therefore all the humanoids inhabiting out universe resemble each other apart from insignificant differences due to the conditions of life and the composition of the atmosphere on the various planets. Anthropologically we are all identical. The inhabitants of other universes are not like us, because they have a different genetic code.

The programme laid down in the human being's genetic code is a road that has at some time been travelled or, to some degree, one that is mapped out by the Creator of our universe. Therefore, everything should develop in a natural way and without detriment to the evolution of the mind of the individual.

The representatives of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that visit the Earth do not interfere with the life of us earthlings, understanding that to interfere in the life and works of a person or of humanity as a whole is to interfere in the works of the Creator.

The extraterrestrials understand deeply that in our universe there are no two identical people. Every person is one of the facets (projections) of the Creator. Following his or her own totally unique path through a host of reincarnations, a person, reaching the peak of his or her development, may possibly create a new totally unique universe; while any unwise interference in a person's works may have a detrimental effect on his or her evolutionary path.

The ancients did not understand the profound meaning of the knowledge that was passed to them and blood was spilt. An irresponsible attitude to human life deformed the very foundation of moral and ethical principles. The situation that arose led to the gradually degradation of our civilization — and all humanity's problems today have their origins in those times.

In looking at itself and the world through the prism of that ancient knowledge, human beings gain the opportunity, by re-examining their relations with one another (and that means with God) to stop the process of degradation and establish the preconditions for a future ascent.

Any kind of knowledge is not merely a blessing, but also a responsibility. What the world will be like, who and what will be served by the knowledge of God, will depend on human beings.

This ancient knowledge gives the key to understanding that we are linked by an invisible thread to all the world around us as well as to each other.

Modern humanity erroneously believes that the level of a civilization's development is determined by achievements in science or technology. A time will come when people will realize that the true measure of development is the level of knowledge of the Creator. This is an extremely important aspect of which the modern school gives us no inkling. It follows that the human being deprived of this, not recognizing his close ties with the world around, is primitive. He does not in any way grasp, nor can he grasp, the meaning of this ethical principle, this fundamental natural phenomenon, without which normal, correct development is impossible.

The true achievement of a civilization does not lie in the knowledge of how to create a laser device or a flying machine. The main thing is the factor of human relations, forming on the basis of knowledge about the Creator.

Sometime, after reaching the end of a long road, we shall become capable of creating universes, but for the moment we should recognize that before becoming a god, a person needs to become a Human Being.
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By "projection" we mean human being. In order to describe the method of research using "projections", let us, purely hypothetically, imagine the Creator as the most up-to-date computer on which the very latest program is installed.

The computer and the program are made in such a way that they can test and improve themselves and, by building up certain experience (a database) autonomously change their own parameters to take account of the data (variants) obtained.

In order to test and make known all the program's possibilities, both evident and concealed, the computer autonomously creates within itself a large number of mini-programs (projections of the main program). Those mini-programs, carrying out all possible operations in all the blocks and systems, in all possible variations reveal weaknesses and strengths, studying the principles that were laid in the basis of the idea of the program and of the computer itself. Thus, after a given amount of time, when all possible variations have been calculated, a new-generation program with maximum stability and a striving to self-knowledge and self-improvement will be developed.
In creating human beings following a single genetic code (his own), the Creator evidently here again drew on the BA–KA principle, envisaging two types of genetics. The first is the genetics of the physical shell (the DNA code) that we acquire from our parents. The second is the genetics of the energy shell that a person forms in the process of his or her transformations. It is extremely interesting that in his 1978 book The Molecular Biology of the Gene James Watson examined in detail the question of the coding matrix that might have been some macro-molecules, intermediaries between acids and the synthesising proteins that are, as we know, the basis of all life. These intermediaries are, according to Watson, undoubtedly present in all cells, but the pretender to the role of matrix (God) proved literally invisible. It is still unknown today, although evidently responsible for the coding of proteins and each of the twenty natural amino-acids that make them up. The drama of the search for this elusive matrix substances led Watson to the unconsoling conclusion that even at our current stage it is impossible to settle the question of how the genetic code arose.
R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz draws our attention to the fact that the hieroglyph used to denote Unas (last pharaoh of the fifth dynasty) translates as Universal Consciousness, constantly swallowing and processing its own energy, of which our bodies and souls are tiny fragments.
Encoded in the DNA is a programme of genetic mutations and phaseal transitions that take place as a human being's mind improves and energy potential grows.
After completing a qualitative transition billions of years ago, the Creator entered a new state. In essence, the Creator was reborn in a new quality, on a new, even higher level. Just as a human being born in a new incarnation, in a new body, in a new time and space, needs to rediscover himself and the world around him of which he is part, the Creator too, after acquiring absolutely new qualities and becoming something else, began a process of discovery of Himself and of nature in the bosom of which He exists. Through human beings (his projections) the Creator observes and learns about the world, advancing on the path of self-knowledge and self-perfection.

Here are a few traces of that ancient knowledge that found reflection in the Ancient Egyptian myth of the creation:

"...Ra, or Ra-Tem, rose from the Nunu (the primaeval «waters», of hidden Entity), and began sailing on the Boat of Millions of Years." ("Sailing" means the beginning of movement in the universe (finding out about himself). Movement presupposes that the events take place in space and time, in other words are accessible to the senses. The universe begins to exist as a mass of moving beings (projections). That movement was preceded by the original state of being without any sort of form outside of time and space).

"After appearing Ra created everything that arose from his being and he was inside of his creation as in his body…"

"Having created the universe out of himself, the Supreme Being, directed his Eye (mind) into that which had been created. Then the mind "became lost" in creation and turned into the souls of human beings and all forms of life, having forgotten about its true identity. The Eye lost in creation is the human soul caught up in the cycle of reincarnations ("birth–death–birth") as a result of loss of memory and distraction (ignorance of its true nature). The Supreme Being (Ra) dispatched the messenger of wisdom (Thoth) in the forms of Metu Nether (the ancient doctrine of wisdom) and Sbai (spiritual mentors — gurus) to inform the Eye of its true nature. "Remembering" what it really is, the Eye returns to its fitting place...».

The level of development of each projection multiplied by the number of projections.
The All-Seeing Eye that the pharaohs and priests observed during their astral journeys was that very eye through which everything that is happening is constantly being watched by the Creator. Thus the All-Seeing Eye is not simply a symbol, but a real aspect of existence. It is for just this reason that we find depictions of the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus on many Ancient Egyptian monuments, while priests and pharaohs made up their eyes in such a way as to remind others that God looks at the world through the eyes of the human being.
In the Chapters of Coming Forth by Day, there is chapter XCVI, the repetition of which brought the "deceased" closer to Thoth and identified him with Ra, "the god living in his eye".
One further interesting aspect connected with the beliefs of the Dogon tribe about Sirius can be found in the very nature and significance of their Sirius cult. Its meaning has echoes, on the one hand, of the idea that the soul is in constant search for its double, and, on the other, with that of the human being's incessant striving for individuality (for the union of the anima and the animus) in the name of achieving true knowledge, attaining wisdom and perfection.
In modern terminology — to the same (as His own) genetic code. The central ideas of Christianity have origins deep in Egyptian antiquity. Their essence springs from the ancient knowledge of God. This makes understandable the statements found in the gospels: "I and the Father are one. … Jesus answered them, 'Is it not written in your law, 'I said you are gods'?'" (John 10, 30 & 34). "Be still," the psalmist says, "and know that I am God".
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